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UHU Super ljepilo, 2g

Šifra: UHU-SG2
29,31 Kn 3,89 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Steuber grill cleaning brush

Grill cleaning brush. Extremely high quality grill brush. Holder material: PP, galvanized wire. Bristle material: stainless steel.
Šifra: STBGA-052898K
45,06 Kn 5,98 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Steuber grill cleaning brush 45 °

Grill cleaning brush 45 ° length 45cm art. Extra high quality grill brush. Holder material: PP, galvanized wire. Bristle material: stainless steel.
Šifra: STBGA-052894K
80,17 Kn 10,64 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Dormer Svrdlo HSS N TiN 8,8mm G1/8 P100085 8,8

Tehnicki detalji: Materijal: celik, presvucen TiN-om u reznom aktivnom dijelu Promjer rupe jezgre: 8,8 mm Duljina: 125 mm Duljina reznog aktivnog dijela: 81 mm
Šifra: ZUWS-020-CK
90,41 Kn 12,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

VonHaus E-Series Battery Charger (EU)

The charger is compatible with both VonHaus E-Series batteries. (batteries sold separately) Charging time –1.5Ah battery: 85 min / 2.0Ah battery: 2 hours When the battery is fully charged, the light on the charger lights up. For protection, the batte
Šifra: VONEO-8100078
90,64 Kn 12,03 €
  • -10% Gotovina

VonHaus set of replacement blades for electric mower 3500194

Make sure your cordless cutter is always ready to mow with a package of 20 replacement VonHaus blades. Regularly changing the blades of the battery cutter will help ensure a precise cut and tidy surroundings. The blades are made of strong nylon plast
Šifra: VONEV-2515204
116,41 Kn 15,45 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Vodilica kabela 19"/1U, 5 velikih prstenova, crna

19"/1U horizontalna vodilica kabela s 6 velikih prstenova, crne boje.
Šifra: 0531951
128,09 Kn 17,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Vonhaus laminate mounting kit

The VonHaus laminate assembly kit contains all the elements you need to install a new laminate or hardwood base efficiently and accurately. Fast, efficient and accurate. Includes: rubber tap for tapping, pull lever for moving plates, hammer with rubb
Šifra: VONDV-3515084
130,12 Kn 17,27 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Steuber stretch hose for watering the garden, green, 8.3m

Extendable garden hose A garden hose that grows! With this new flexible watering hose, you have everything “at hand”. When the hose is twisted, it is extremely convenient and easy to carry. When the extendable garden hose is filled with water, it ext
Šifra: STBGA-10-040271K
134,04 Kn 17,79 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Ugreen 38-in-1 tool set - box

Ugreen 38-in-1 tool set for everyone who needs a tool for fine electronics always at hand. With different settings you will cope with all the task. Features : Aluminum alloy handle: L94mm Magnetic expansion bar; L 60 mm * Ergonomic handle, designed c
Šifra: UGRTI-80459
145,72 Kn 19,34 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Vonhaus accessory kit for painting roller 3500087

This 17-piece kit includes O-ring, X-seal ring, duck seal, non-return valve, O-ring 2, Y-ring seal, replacement rollers x 3 (and roller core), spray gun, filler tube, colored tape, Vaseline x 3, cap Specially designed for use with VonHaus long handle
Šifra: VONDV-3500088
169,60 Kn 22,51 €
  • -10% Gotovina

VonHaus tool bag 15 '' black-gray

VonHaus 15 '' tool bag Suitable for a variety of items - from hand tools to larger power tools such as drills, saws and angle grinders. Empty weighs only 700g, but suitable for carrying up to 10kg of equipment - a great alternative to large a
Šifra: VONDV-15/250
171,41 Kn 22,75 €
  • -10% Gotovina
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