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Camry Ozone Humidifier CR7952

Quiet and very efficient air humidifier. It is particularly useful in offices or conference rooms. Thanks to the powerful motor with 32 W of power and the water tank with a volume of 5.2 l, it can work for up to 17 hours with a very high efficiency o
Šifra: CAMGA-CR 7952
489,74 Kn 65,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Ufesa dehumidifier DH5010

Power 200W. Capacity 10 L per 24 hours (30ºC, RH 80%). Quiet 39 dB (A) with an intuitive panel. 2L tank. 2 ventilation speeds. Air circulation 120m3 per hour. Temperature range 5-32ºC. Laundry drying function. Integrated humidity sensor. The most imp
Šifra: UFEGA-86104618
1.705,06 Kn 226,30 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Be Cool Dehumidifier 30 liters

Designer dehumidifier BC30LEF2301 from BE COOL. Drying approx. 30l/24h - 4l water tank + Timer With its successful design, high dehumidification values and an excellent price-performance ratio, the BE COOL air dehumidifier is not only convincing at f
Šifra: BCOGA-BC30LEF2301
2.608,22 Kn 346,17 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Be Cool Dehumidifier 50 liters

Drying approx. 50 l/24h - Handle and directional rollers - Air circulation: 310 m³/h - Room size up to max. 50 m² Stylish design, wet to dry with the BC50LEF2202 dehumidifier from BE COOL The BE COOL air dehumidifier is not only convincing at first g
Šifra: BCOGA-BC50LEF2201
3.010,56 Kn 399,57 €
  • -10% Gotovina