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Adler fiber remover from clothes

Adler garment remover. With it, your favorite sweaters or upholstered armchairs will get an elegant, new look again. The device removes knots from fabrics, clothing, blankets and even carpets. Technical specifications: Removes knots from fabrics Secu
Šifra: ADLGA-AD9616
94,26 Kn 12,51 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Xiaomi digital humidity and temperature meter 2.0

Xiaomi digital humidity and temperature meter 2.0 Digital LED display, sensitive and accurate sensor, Bluetooth connection, control via the Mi Home smart application. Power supply: CR2032 for one year of autonomy (battery not included) Convenient and
99,30 Kn 13,18 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Camry garment remover

Camry garment remover The Camry Garment Remover is a great accessory for anyone who wants their fabrics to retain their original stylish look. Thanks to the fiber remover from clothes, your favorite sweater or upholstered armchair will be charming
Šifra: CAMGA-CR9606
139,54 Kn 18,52 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler electric snack container 1.1 l green

Electric lunch container Adler green The electric snack container is convenient and allows easy storage of food and snacks that you take with you on trips, to work, to school, etc. Thanks to the thermal insulation, it keeps you warm even when you un
Šifra: ADLGA-AD4474GR
149,64 Kn 19,86 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler AD 443 Mlinček za kavo

The 150W electric coffee grinder is designed for lovers of aromatic, freshly ground coffee. It operates quietly, with high speed, and cannot be switched on if the lid is not properly placed. It has a stainless steel double-edged blade and a transpare
Šifra: ADLGA-AD443
169,60 Kn 22,51 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler heating pad gray AD4715 80W

Electric heating pad with a maximum power of 80 W. It can be used when a certain part of the body needs to be additionally heated. It has a calming effect and relaxes the muscles, so it helps in the treatment of arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatism. T
Šifra: ADLGA-AD7415
183,69 Kn 24,38 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Camry weather station

Want to keep up to date with the weather outside the house? Are you tired of the variability and inability to check in the next few hours? Then the weather station will help you. Technical specifications: Room temperature 0 - 50 degrees Celsius Probe
Šifra: CAMGA-CR1166
215,49 Kn 28,60 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Ufesa electric heating pad Flexy Heat Colors 40x30cm

The Flexy Heat Colors electric heating pad boasts 100W of power and a size of 40x30cm. It has three different temperature levels and a heating time of only five minutes. Its soft microfiber construction will provide you with maximum comfort. It is id
Šifra: UFEGA-10105381
219,78 Kn 29,17 €
  • -10% Gotovina

SHE energy cost meter

Follow energy consumption, save on electricity and reduce costs! With the new SHX energy cost meter, you will always have your energy consumption under control. On the large LCD screen, you have an overview of relevant data such as current, voltage a
219,78 Kn 29,17 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Camry AC / DC power supply for refrigerator CR8076 / AD8077

AC / DC adapter for CR8076 & AD8077 Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 2.5A output voltage: 15V DC 6.0A Power: 90W
Šifra: CAMGA-CR8076.1
244,87 Kn 32,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina