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Sandberg USB Floppy Mini Reader

If you want to view data on old diskettes, but you do not have a diskette drive on your computer, this is the solution for you. Simply connect the Sandberg USB Mini Drive Floppy to one of the USB ports on your computer and you will immediately be abl
Šifra: SNDTI-133-50
314,64 Kn 41,76 €
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SanDisk Clip Jam 8GB MP3 player Pink

Carry all your music with you This ultra-small, portable music player offers 8GB of storage and has a built-in microSD ™ 1 card slot so you can add even more songs or audiobooks. Play audio files in many popular formats You can play the entire music
391,79 Kn 52,00 €
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SanDisk Clip Sport Go Moder 32GB

Keep the music on and your phone off with the lightweight Clip Sport Go An MP3 player designed for your workout. It supports iTunes and others audio content, its high-performance dynamic acoustic quality enables almost every activity a richer experie
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