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Soocas N1 beard and hair trimmer

The trimmer allows you to shorten and shape the beard hairs, eyebrow hairs in the nose, ears. The special pad shape allows access to all corners of the nose and ears and ensures exceptional precision shaving or cutting. Easy and effective removal of
Šifra: SOCON-N1
91,85 Kn 12,19 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler LED bathroom mirror AD2168

Mounting without the necessary screws Strong and durable suction cup Easy assembly / disassembly 5x magnification 360 ° rotating mirror 25 led lights Diameter: 20 cm Brightness control Ideal for perfect shaping and precise shaving Power supply: 3 x A
Šifra: ADLGA-AD2168
125,52 Kn 16,66 €
  • -10% Gotovina

PANASONIC nastavak za oralni tuš WEW0982X503 (2 kom)

PANASONIC nastavak za oralni tuš WEW0982X503 (2 kom)
Šifra: 0001204654
135,62 Kn 18,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler hair straightener and curler in one AD2104

50W hair straightener with ceramic-coated aluminum plates. It serves to successfully straighten strands of hair that usually protrude or curl. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the hair is much less damaged during heating and straightening than when usi
Šifra: ADLHA-AD2104
146,92 Kn 19,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler hair dryer

Fashion design - top drying! Modern hair dryer 1200 W. At the same time small and durable, thanks to the use of high quality materials. The choice is suitable for people who style their hair longer than with one stroke of the comb. Different levels o
Šifra: ADLHA-AD2265
146,92 Kn 19,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Cecotec trimer za kosu i bradu Bamba PrecisionCare Titanium

Cecotec trimer sa nehrđajućim oštricama presvučenim titanom i 9 nastavaka.Ostalo:- Lopatice od nehrđajućeg čelika presvučene izdržljivim titanom.- Dugotrajna oštrina.- Sadrži 7 češljeva (3/6/9/12/16/19/25 mm), te 2 posebna češlja za kosu na uhu.- Pre
Šifra: VN4970
197,78 Kn 26,25 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler designer and beard trimmer in one AD2822 black

The hair clipper and trimmer is a handy kit to help you take care of your tidy appearance. Interchangeable blades allow you to cut hair, care for beards and mustaches, and the trimmer is a great tool for removing hair from the nostrils and ears. Hair
Šifra: ADLHA-AD2822
199,97 Kn 26,54 €
  • -10% Gotovina

PANASONIC šišač dlačica iz nosa ER-GN30-K503

PANASONIC šišač dlačica iz nosa ER-GN30-K503 pametan sustav pranja za čišćenje reznog sustava u vodi omogućuje jednostavno uklanjanje dlačica. Napredna tehnologija dvostruke oštrice za precizno praćenje kontura, obrva, nosnih i ušnih dlačica od 0,5 m
Šifra: 0237601
203,43 Kn 27,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler practical hair styling set in a handy bag AD2022

A great choice for a lady who wants to emphasize the beauty of her hair. Elegant hair styler with six removable column brushes of different sizes. Thanks to 3 levels of temperature control and 1200 W of power, it enables the correction of curls and t
Šifra: ADLHA-AD2022
207,42 Kn 27,53 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Adler cosmetically lit mirror

Cosmetically lit mirror The cosmetic mirror is portable and with its help the application of make-up and home facial care will be much easier. With 3x magnification and LED lighting with AAA batteries, you will be able to apply make-up and care prod
Šifra: ADLGA-AD2159
225,28 Kn 29,90 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Rowenta sušilo za kosu CV3323F0

SEB Rowenta sušilo za kosu CV3323F0 - Nomad sklopivo sušilo za kosu je savršen za uporabu bilo kada i bilo gdje. Učinkovit i kompaktan u trenu, ne pravi kompromise kada se radi o učinkovitosti, što ga čini idealnim suputnikom kada se radi o vašoj kos
Šifra: 0001272806
248,64 Kn 33,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina

Ufesa face trimmer NT3510 Advanced

The NT3510 Advanced Facial Trimmer has stainless steel blades and gives you a hygienic cut without pulling. Gently remove unwanted hair from the nose, ears and eyebrows with maximum comfort. Easy and fast cutting thanks to the rotating cutting head.
Šifra: UFEGA-60205120
249,92 Kn 33,17 €
  • -10% Gotovina