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Roline pokretno postolje za računalo, bež boje

- Creates more space on your desk, due to it being under the table - Stable metal construction with high tilt-stability - Adjustable from 140-250 mm PC width - Fitted with rubber mats against slipping and scratching - More flexible in use - Load capa
Šifra: 17.05.1516
233,57 Kn 31,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 3.10 €

VonHaus Sit-Stand coffee table made of bamboo

Bamboo adjustable converter for sedentary work. A table for which your back and shoulders will be grateful. Due to its renewable nature, bamboo is a sustainable alternative to other materials and also naturally resistant to water and scratches. With
Šifra: VONTV-3000539
930,51 Kn 123,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 12.35 €

Nitro Concepts D12 Gaming Stol - crno/crveni NC-GP-DK-010

Tehnički detalji: Dimenzije: cca 116 x 75 x 76 cm (Š x V x D) Težina: 19 kg Nosivost do cca 60 kg Materijal: čelik (okvir), MDF (ploha stola), plastika (površina ploče stola) Boja: crna, crvena Značajke: ergonomski diz
Šifra: GAGC-172-CK
1.235,66 Kn 164,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 16.40 €

Roline stajaće postolje za računalo, pneumatsko podešavanje visine, bijelo

- Work healthier! A change from sit to stand is good for your spine. With our height adjustable ROLINE Gas Spring Side Table / Workstation you can do your work standing. - Offers maximum comfort and adaptability to multiple requirements / applicatio
Šifra: 17.02.1549
1.295,93 Kn 172,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 17.20 €

VonHaus gaming table, 120cm

Complete your gaming setup with our sleek carbon fiber gaming desk, featuring a modern Z-shaped design and plenty of storage space for computer accessories. The carbon fiber table surface provides water and stain resistance to protect against any spi
Šifra: VONTV-3000482
1.297,59 Kn 172,22 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 17.22 €

WHITE SHARK RGB gaming stol FIRE SHADOW / 120x60x18

RGB Gaming stol Materijal: Iverica, čelik i ABS plastika Dimenzije: 1200 x 600 x 750mm Dimenzije radne površine: 1200 x 600 x 18mm Nosivost: 100kg Visina: 750 mm Boja: Crvena s crnom radnom površinom RGB LED osvjetljenje Podeš
Šifra: 1910109
1.378,81 Kn 183,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 18.30 €

VonHaus Sit / Stand work platform

Stable and strong durable steel platform with a large work surface, on which you can install up to two monitors with a total weight of up to 15kg Two-tier design: upper for monitor and lower for keyboard and mouse Switch between standing and sitting
Šifra: VONTV-3000152
1.395,77 Kn 185,25 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 18.53 €

Roline stajaće postolje za računalo, podešavanje visine i nagiba, bijelo

- Work healthier! A change from sit to stand is good for your spine. With our height adjustable ROLINE PC-Stand-Workplace you can do your work standing. - This workstation is easy to operate and a great addition for use in offices, schools, homes, c
Šifra: 17.02.1548
1.484,30 Kn 197,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 19.70 €

ThunderX3 ED3 Gaming Stol - crni TEGD-4022001.11

Tehnički detalji: Dimenzije: 1120 x 750 x 600 mm (Š x V x D) Težina: 18 kg Nosivost do 50 kg Materijal: čelik (okvir, noge), iverica (ploča stola), plastika (ploha stola) Crna boja
Šifra: GAGC-229-CK
1.665,12 Kn 221,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 22.10 €

VonHaus Sit & Stand adjustable table black

VonHaus Sit & Stand height-adjustable workstations offer maximum comfort and flexibility. Its shape promotes better posture and reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain. It is made of hard steel, with leveling feet that adapt to most uneven floor s
Šifra: VONTV-3000168
1.705,06 Kn 226,30 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 22.63 €

VonHaus adjustable Sit, Stand workbench black

For comfortable work or learning sitting or standing, with VonHaus height-adjustable workbench. Its shape promotes better posture and reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain. Easy height adjustment from 74cm to 121cm with a smooth surface lever. D
Šifra: VONTV-3000169
1.983,46 Kn 263,25 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 26.33 €


Tip proizvoda: Manualno sjedeće - stojeći stol Nosivost (kg): 40 Potrebna montaža: Da Materijal: Iverica i melamin/čelik/plastika Materijal nogu: Čelik Broj nogu stola: 2 Boja: Crna Dimenzije radne površine (mm): 1400 - 600 De
Šifra: MD-220
2.000,11 Kn 265,46 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 26.55 €