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Tire for Xiaomi electric scooter 8.5"

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 8.5″ tire is compatible with many versions of Xiaomi electric scooters, making it very versatile. It works perfectly with Xiaomi M365, Mi Pro, Mi 1S, Mi 3, Mi Pro 2, Mi Essential and Xiaomi 3 Lite electric scooters.
28,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 2.80 €

Electric vehicle charger Akyga AK-EV-11 42V / 2A 84W GX12 3-pin 9mm 1m

Box Weight Brutto (kg): 0.37 kg , Cable Length: 1 m , Circuit Protection: Over Voltage Over Current Short Circuit Protection Over Power , Depth (mm): 140 mm , EAN Code: 5901720136930 , Efficiency: 80% , External Color: Black , Height (mm): 33 mm ,
Šifra: AK-EV-11
29,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 2.90 €

Xiaomi lock for electric scooter

It features a minimalist, portable and convenient design. Its durable and compact design is made of 1200mm thick steel rope, which can withstand a tensile force of up to 1500N, the lock cylinder and the pole are made of zinc alloy treated with a spec
29,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 2.90 €

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Bag" is the same in both Slovenian and English, so no translation is needed.

Elegant briefcase bag made of high-quality materials, ideal for storing keys or a wallet. Dimensions: (height) 260mm x (diameter) 140mm x (thickness) 110mm Manufacturer's website
36,00 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 3.60 €

MS Energy helmet MSH-10 black L

MS Energy helmet MSH-10 black L
Šifra: 0001202550
38,89 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 3.89 €