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Ufesa Nutriboom BS2500 900W multifunctional nutrient extractor

Prepare your healthiest shakes with the Nutriboom nutrient extractor. It will become an excellent ally for a healthy diet and maximum utilization of the properties of fruits and vegetables, as it extracts most of the nutrients and vitamins from all f
Šifra: UFEGA-70205397
500,74 Kn 66,46 €
  • -10% Gotovina

VonShef multipraktik 750W

Chop, mix, slice, slice, grate, prepare the dough or squeeze the juice with the VonShef multipractice, in just a few seconds. The 1.8-liter mixing glass is ideal for making soups and drinks. Large mixing bowl with a capacity of 2L (with a working cap
Šifra: VONGA-2000112
795,87 Kn 105,63 €
  • -10% Gotovina