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Steuber grill anti-stick mat 36x42cm

Anti-stick grill rectangular or round With anti-stick coating Round (approx. 52 cm) or rectangular, the net is easily cut to the desired size Safe for food preparation Nothing clings or falls through the grill Perfect for roasting meat, meatballs, fi
Šifra: STBGA-051234K
45,06 Kn 5,98 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.60 €

Steuber grill metal gripper 34cm

Metal clamps Length approx. 34 cm. Silicone padded handle. Material: stainless steel, TPE.
Šifra: STBGA-052897K
45,06 Kn 5,98 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.60 €

RESTO cutting board 29cm

The sharp blades of modern kitchen knives require special cutting boards. The best option for your knives are SHAM series cutting boards. They have a perfectly suitable surface that acts gently on the knife blade when cutting and shredding. The moder
Šifra: RESTO-95402
47,77 Kn 6,34 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.63 €

Brabantia FOOD Y-PEELER peeler

Advantages and features Two tools in one - Y-peeler plus zester. Multi-tasker - ideal for economical peeling of pumpkins, cucumbers, etc. Convenient - ergonomic design. Suitable for left-handers or right-handers - double-sided top made of high-qualit
Šifra: BRAGA-122927
48,97 Kn 6,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.65 €

Steuber protective mat for the pan gray

Steuber 3-piece pan protection, blue 100% polyester pan protection protects the pans from scratches. Diameter: 38cm
Šifra: STBGA-10-054901K
48,97 Kn 6,50 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.65 €

Steuber's set of silicone sponges, 2 green-blue ones.

Permanent and thus sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning sponge! - Versatile use, for washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and other work surfaces.- Hygienic set of easy-to-maintain cleaning sponges, consisting of a green and blue kitchen
Šifra: STBGA-10-060717K
49,20 Kn 6,53 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.65 €

Steuber silicone pads Set 2 green blue

Steuber Silicone Pads Set of 2 Silicone Pads for cleaning, use as pot stands, or coasters.-Dishwasher safe-Long-lasting productVersatile!Don't just use the pads for washing dishes, but also for washing fruits and vegetables, for example, or as pot st
Šifra: STBGA-10-060718K
49,20 Kn 6,53 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.65 €

Brabantia FOOD Y-PEELER metal peeler

Advantages and features Multi-task - ideal for potatoes, asparagus, apples, etc. Convenient - ergonomic design. For left and right hand - double-sided blade. Durable - made of high quality stainless steel. Easy to clean - dishwasher safe. Flawless us
Šifra: BRAGA-250286
61,26 Kn 8,13 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.81 €

BRUNNER 2 brandy glasses SET GRAPS -0830180N.C71 30 ml

Jar made of food-resistant polycarbonate. Set of 2 glasses. 30 ml Drink nerve spikes, even on vacation!
Šifra: BRUDV-0830180N.C71
69,32 Kn 9,20 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.92 €

Cheese knife by Brabantia

Brabantia cheese slicer is excellent for cutting all types of cheese. This elegant and stylish slicer has a sharp blade and excellent grip - for easy slicing. Advantages and features Multifunctional - ideal for soft and hard cheeses. Convenient - erg
Šifra: BRAGA-126222
69,32 Kn 9,20 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.92 €

Camry knife sharpener green

Camry knife sharpener green The knife grinder is made of both stainless steel and ceramic. Technical specifications -Perfect grinding for perfect sharpness - Non-slip feet -Three-stage focusing system: 1. Diamond: for deep grinding of stainle
Šifra: CAMGA-CR6709
69,77 Kn 9,26 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.93 €

Steuber glass bottle in a 550ml case, green

Bottle made of high quality borosilicate glass, with protective coating and carrying loop. Capacity: 550ml
Šifra: STBGA-054520K_01
71,05 Kn 9,43 €
  • -10% Gotovina Iznos uštede: 0.94 €
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